Promote your Tourist Destination in Virtual Reality

Promote your Tourist Destination in Virtual Reality


Promoting a tourist detination has always been a difficult task. It’s hard to showcase how magnificent a destination is without actually being there. Photos can look great however they will never quite come close to the actual experience as most places need to be seen to be believed!

Using the latest in VR 360 degree technology we can bring your customers as close to the real experience as possible. Imagine the immerseive experience of flying over your destination in virtual reality and landling right on a featured area and showcasing the amazing destination in full 360 degree video or photos. With our specialist equipment we can capture a tourist destination from all the best angles wheather it’s under the beautiful crystal clear ocean, in the bright blue sky or on a dreamy beach or resort, we’ve got it covered.

Our promotional 360 degree videos and photos can be created for any kind of marketing campaign you desire. Our videos and photos are Social Media friendly i.e Facebook, Youtube, Flickr etc and can be viewed from any compatible mobile device, VR Headset or P.C.

When shooting a 360 degree video we make sure that it is captured in the highest resolution possible to ensure that your audience can view it in the highest definition available from their device. Our 360 video camera rigs can capture upto 10K+ Video resolution when required, however due to the lack of technology advancement the max output on most devices currently is 4K which our videos can downscale for.


As an alternative to 360 degree video, you can try 360 degree photography. 360 degree photography has become hugely popular on Facebook due to the recent enablement of 360 photos. We can consult with you on the best ways to create a viral online or social media marketing campaign to promote your destination.





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