Monoscopic 360 Video

Monoscopic 360 Video

When you’re first starting out with 360 video it’s difficult to find information on the differences between monoscopic 360° video and stereoscopic video. We’ve created these articles to assist you in the differentiation between the 2.

Before we start on the difference on monoscopic 360° video vs. stereoscopic 360° videos, let’s start by defining 360° video. A 360° video is simply a flat equirectangular video that is made into a spherical video for playback on a Samsung VR or Oculus Rift headset. If a 360 degree video is monoscopic, it means that both of your eyes see a singlular flat image, or video. If a 360° video is stereoscopic, it means there are two videos, one mapped to each of your eyes, providing better 3D appearance and much better depth. When filming in monoscopic equirectangular video you are looking at a maximum output resolution of 3480×1920 at 30 frames per second and 2880×1340 at 60 fps.

One of the most common 360 video set ups you will see being used is the monoscopic 6 camera rig which has 6 cameras set up to cover 6 different angles of equirectangular video. The most commonly used videos for VR are monoscopic 360 degree videos. Monoscopic 360° video is usually filmed with a single camera per field of view as opposed to dual cameras sharing the same field of view (FOV) and stitched together to form a singlular equirectangular video. The reason that monoscopic videos are more common is beacuse they are easier to stitch together, less time consuming and much more cost effective for both consumers and businesses.

Make sure that you make the right choice when choosing to film monoscopic video vs stereoscopic. Stereoscopic will always have a better resolution.

Below is an example of a monoscopic 360° video rig

monoscopic 360° video rig picture

monoscopic 360° video rig example

Below is an example of a monoscopic 360° video taken using 6 Gopro action cameras


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