Facebook 360 Photos

Facebook 360 Photos


Facebook has recently ntroduced it’s new feature of 360 photos last week announced by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), the spherical photos can be uploaded to the timeline by all users. App updates will be required for most  iOS and Android devices to enable 360-degree photo viewing support to smartphones.

“We’re improving photos on Facebook so that people can share more immersive views of their world,” quoted Andy Huang (Facebook Product Manager), “For the first time, you can now easily share 360 photos on Facebook.”

When uploading  a 360 photo to Facebook it’s pretty simple: you state by taking take images using a 360 camera rig or possibly a VR camera or you can use the panoramic photo function on more modern samrt phones and then upload it on Facebook as you would any other image. On the upper right-hand corner of the uploaded 360 image, there will be a compass icon to let you know that the image is a 360 photo. You can click on the image by dragging it, the user can scroll around the photograph on their desktop, smartphone, tablet or VR headset.


Although Facebook supports the spherical images, it does not have the capacity to take 360-degree photos. Andy Huang has recommended taking 360 photos using a 360 app or 360 camera.

Samsung has reached the top of the list for the most compatible smart phones, its users will have a virtual reality feature. Samsung users can select the “view in VR” button and connect their device to a Samsung Gear VR headset which users can receive a fully immersive 360 experience.

All users will have the ability to share 360 photos with their social network and also discover content from family, fan pages, friends, companies and public figures.

Similar to 360 videos on Facebook, PC users will be able to click and drag 360 degree photos to see different parts of the photo, this has been said to be an amazing new feature for the product marketing world and will take marketing and promotional photography to a whole new level of audience engagement.

For the people who don’t have a 360 camera,  most 360 photos will likely come from panoramic shots taken with smart phones and tablets. There also some great new mobile applications for taking 360 photos emerging onto the market for those people that don’t have a 360 camera.


If you have Samsung or particular android phone you can use the Samsung Gear VR  headset. At present there aren’t many other choices for those who don’t use Samsung or similar android phones because Facebook doesn’t support other headsets at present. Another option is Google Cardboard and also Oculus VR which is owned by Facebook.

Facebook are the pioneers of social media to host 360 media. YouTube has also added 360 video support to it’s viewing repertoire with Yahoo’s Flickr following closely behind.
Many large tech companies are in the race to complete for 360 content creation platforms. Facebook recently announced that a 360 video camera rig it has up it’s sleve developer conference that will be available to all users for a hefty price.

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