3D Virtual Property Tours

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

A Matterport 3D Model is a complete three-dimensional representation of a space, which lets you “walk” through the space to experience it as if you were there. Learn more on our Matterport 3D Virtual Tours page.

$250 – Up to 180 Meters
$300 – 180 to 300 square meters
$350 – 300 to 400 square meters
$450 – 400 to 500 square meters
$550 – 500 to 650 square meters

A New Age of Real Estate Marketing

We’re pleased to announce that Immerse 360 is one of the first companies in Brisbane to offer: The equivalent of HD Google Street View for the interior of a house.

This new format provides customers the ability to virtually tour a property in 3D from anywhere in the world. We are now able to capture the full layout, contours, and calculate dimensions and space between objects.

The camera uses both 2D and 3D sensors to scan and capture the appearance and dimensions of the space. After scanning a home, the data is analyzed to create immersive 3D models. The 3D and 2D models are then put together for a complete, dimensionally accurate model of the house.

You then have three options for viewing the house: floorplan, dollhouse and virtual walkthrough.

Schedule your Immerse 360 Materport Scan tour today! You can also see in it action:


Floor plan View:

The floor plan view allows the buyers to see the measurements and better grasp the concept of space in the rooms, with the added benefit of the inclusion of furniture. This feature reinforces the ability for the buyer to determine if certain rooms are too big or small.

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Dollhouse View:

The dollhouse view is an interactive 3D version of the floor plan that allows potential buyers, sellers and developers to see the flow of the house from all angles. This allows the buyers an opportunity to step back and view the house from a distance – but with the walls still up, encourages them to visualise the available space within each room. The 3D concept is a more realistic view and allows the customer to easily and effectively determine whether the space meets their needs.


3D Walkthrough:

With Matterport, viewing a home is like using Google Street View indoors. The 3D walkthrough allows you to view every inch of the home in glorious HD 360-degree fashion. You can smoothly move from the entryway, through the living room and into the garage. Even moving up or down stairways is as simple as clicking through. Viewers can virtually walk through the home on their computer or mobile deviceor even a vr headset.

Don’t Waste Anymore time showing properties

This state of the art technology proves effective in saving both the buyers and sellers time by providing a variety of viewing options. This, in turn, can more effectively help buyers determine if the house matches all the criteria.

Furthermore, the scan can be viewed at any time from anywhere in the world, and is a great memory-refresher if a viewer is having trouble deciding on which house they like best. This also provides an added opportunity for a partner to be able to view the house if they were unable to attend the in-person showing.