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360 Degree Video Services

Wheather it’s an event, lecture, skydive, conference or just a family Christmas dinner Immerse 360 can place you or anyone there. We can capture anything, anywhere at any given time to create a unique and fully immersive environment. 360°  video is the way of the future for not only marketing but for everyday life. Virtual reality is estimated to surpass televisions on the consumer market by 2025.

Be apart of the 360°  video reveloution and enquire today on how we can take your business to a whole new dimension.

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in 360 camera Technology and software

A New Age of  Marketing

We’re pleased to announce that Immerse 360 is one of the first companies in Brisbane  to offer 360 video services.

This new service provides customers the ability to virtuall experience any property, event or space in 3D from anywhere in the world.

360° video concert

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The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Technology Check out our options and features included.

Google Jump Rig for Gopro


360 Video - The Future

Nano Technology and VR

Currently in the VR industry there is some talk that nanotechnology as a means of allowing us to enter the digital world by pushing boundaries with our bodies. You would become fully immersed with the virtual environment finding it difficult to tell reality from fantasy. Your brain woill soon be able to be uploaded into a computer system or network server which would mean immortality but the questions is, how much of this is science fiction rather than hard facts?

Brining things back to the present: the reality at the moment there are new advances in gaming technology which makes full use of virtual reality immersion. This will hopefully lead to new types of games that will generate new boundry pushing experiences.

What is install for the future of virtual reality gaming? It looks exciting that’s for sure! With new breakthroughs in virtual reality equipment and game consoles which play virtual reality games that will have even the fussiesed of gamers hooked.

A large problem we find with virtual reality is cost. To have a fully immersive set up, where someone is able to interact with objects in an enclosed space can be expensive. In fact it’s that expensive that only government departments, universities and companies with a research and development section are able to afford this costly type of vr set up.

The rest of us  will have to make do with a semi-immersive set ups such as a pair of virtual reality glasses, vr gloves and gaming consoles. If it is the experience you want then this is a perfectly good way of doing so. But don’t expect the full, head mounted display, device input and high end quality graphics experience which usually comes with high end systems.

With most forms of technology, the price starts to come down over time which is usually due to affordable components and products becoming more accessible and smaller. As more and more of them become available it also drives down the cost down which places them within the reach of many more consumers.

Now with 360° video services available it gives businesses the ability to interact with their customers on w whole new level. Not only can the fully immerse clients but they can give them an experience that they will never forget.

With the software that stitches each camera together, we can now make a seemles spherical video where the customer has no limitations as to where they can look. The trick is to create visual atractions from all angles to keep the viewer fully entertained. Viewers can not only see the video in 360° but up and down 180 degrees also, as if they were right there in the scene.